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1. Feast of Epiphany - 1/18
2. Church Services - 1/21, 1/22
The schedule of services are as follows:

1. Happy Feast of the Epiphany!

The Feast of the Epiphany Service will be Wednesday, January 18, 2017. The service will be as follows:

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
8:00 am - 10:00 am Paramoun of the Epiphany Liturgy
1:00pm Begin fasting for the Feast of the Epiphany Liturgy
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm Divine Liturgy for the Feast of the Epiphany

2. Church Services

Saturday, January 21, 2017
8:30 am - 11:30 am Divine Liturgy for High School and Pre-College Youth
6:00 pm - 6:30 pm Asheya (Evening Vespers)
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Family Meeting, Alhan lessons for children

Sunday, January 22, 2017
8:30 am - 11:30 am Divine Liturgy
11:30 am - 12:30 pm Sunday School
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Special Liturgies for High School, College, and Graduate Youth

Abouna Rouess will be doing special liturgies on the following Saturdays:

High School Youth on Saturday, January 21 at 8:30 am.

College and Graduate Youth on Saturday, January 28 at 8:30 am.

We encourage you to come!
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The church is going on a trip to St. John the Beloved Monastery Patmos for a one day, overnight stay. The vans will leave the church this Tuesday January 10th afternoon at 5pm, spending the night, stay for the wendesday morning mass and leave after breakfast. It is $20 per person please contact. Youstina or Ms Miranda to confirm your place. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can better plan all arrangements. Thank you and God bless.

Youstina (717)825-4064
Ms Miranda (717)875-1774
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St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Lancaster, PA shared CACYB's . ... See MoreSee Less

We are pleased and so excited to announce that the guest speakers leading the discussions at #CACYB Graduates & Young Adults Winter Retreat (January 20 - 22, 2017) Fr. Moises Boghdady Fr. Markos Ayou...

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The Papal Encyclical for the Glorious Feast of Nativity 2017

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, One God Amen.

May His grace and blessings be bestowed upon us, from now and forever, Amen.

May you remain healthy this year of 2017 and every year, and during the Glorious feast of the Nativity on January 7th, according to the eastern calendar, which is Kiahk 29th, according to the Coptic calendar.

In fact, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we continue to remember our sons and daughters the martyrs who recently offered their lives in the events of St. Peter's Church. Our Lord Jesus Christ has granted them to celebrate this feast and this year with Him in heaven.We remember them with all goodness. We pray for our wounded and injured ones that Christ may complete their healing and restore their health so that they may join us soon.

In the feast of the Nativity, there are many contemplations. God created man and crowned him over the kingdom of the world, represented by Adam and Eve. Man lived on earth and the number of human beings multiplied, and man lived by the virtues which appeared and flourished. Virtues of cooperation, love and loyalty have appeared; but also some human weaknesses have surfaced. Throughout human existence on earth, and the extension of sin penetration in our life, and with the images of sin, weaknesses, conflicts and violence, man has forgotten one of the most important virtues in life which is the virtue of looking up to heaven. It is amazing that all people can see the sky everywhere and there is no human being that has not seen the sky, but what is more amazing are the differing reactions from one person to another. Some do not care for heaven, some find refuge in it, and others take shelter there. There are many people who ignore heaven and others that gaze up to heaven constantly.

In the story of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we find this virtue manifested in the lives of many people. In the life of our mother the Virgin St. Mary, when she was offered in the temple, she was constantly looking up to heaven; she lived a life of praises and prayers. When the angel appeared to her with the good news, she concluded her dialogue with him declaring: "I am the maid servant of the Lord. Let it be according to your word." (Luke 1: 38). This virtue appears in her obedience, which was intertwined with humility. Also the simple shepherds, who were watching over their flocks, would gaze up to heaven in the midst of the night. They saw the angel who carried the great glad tidings to them and to all people. They went on their way to see the Baby who was wrapped in swaddling clothes in the manager. Also the magi, whose job was to observe the sky, were constantly watching the stars, trying to identify the superior star which they knew according to their books and teachings.

When they saw this star, they realized that the Lord of truth had come to the world. They looked up to heaven, to this star. They travelled a long journey from the far east country to Bethlehem. The star guided them, stayed with them and revealed to them the location of the newborn King of the Jews. The same with the elder Simeon, who was more than 300 years old. Our mother the Virgin St. Mary and St. Joseph came to do for Jesus according to the custom of the law. Simeon carried baby Jesus in his arms. He was one of those who translated the Old Testament of the Holy Bible from Hebrew to Greek. He said this famous verse: "Lord, now You
are letting Your servant depart in peace, according to Your word, for my eyes have seen Your salvation." (Luke 2: 30). There is also another example, Anna the prophetess. She was a widow, and had lived with her husband for seven years, and was a widow of about eighty-four years. She stayed in the temple praying and praising night and day while her eyes were fixed on heaven.

These are samples and examples from the story of the Nativity. They all gazed up to heaven. Perhaps there is a question now: What is the importance of looking up to heaven? There is no doubt that looking up to heaven has a great benefit in the life of man.

1) The person who looks up to heaven looks up to the Almighty Creator, Who created the universe and all its creatures. He looks up to his source, which is heaven. He looks up also to his destination, which is also heaven.

2) He who gazes up to heaven; he gazes up to the light. I do not mean the materialistic light such as the sun or stars. He looks up to the inner or spiritual light, that is the light of the heart. When
man has an illuminated heart, and lives in the light, he can live successfully every day.

3) Looking up to heaven is looking up to a continuous life of peace. It is written: "Blessed be the peace makers as they are called the sons of God". Whoever looks up to heaven, grasps peace from the King of peace. This peace dwells in his heart. If man did this, he would be gifted this character. He would become a peacemaker everywhere. The one who looks constantly down to earth pursues violence, war, conflicts, and terrors.

4) Also, whoever looks up to heaven, looks up to the continuous joy. Heavenly joy is glorious, continuous, and everlasting. It is not associated with bitterness. Earthly joy appears exhilarating, but is brief and temporary. The earthly joy is often associated with bitterness. That is why it is easily forgotten. Whoever receives his joy from heaven and looks up to heaven continuously, lives in such joy.

5) Perhaps one of the most important benefits a man gains when he looks up to heaven is an attachment to the saints. Heaven is the abode of the saints, the righteous, and the blameless, who
lived in holiness. We are yearning for those who have lived in holiness, and remember all the saints in heaven who intercede on our behalf. This intercession stimulates and motivates us to increase our longing and yearning for heaven.

Looking up to heaven is a live virtue that can constantly change our lives. One of the beautiful things as we start the new year of 2017 is the shape of the number 7 in Arabic, which appears like open arms toward heaven, as if one is raising his arms towards
heaven, seeking it. If heaven is present in man’s life, he will become successful. We always pray daily several times and say: "Let it be on earth as it is in heaven.”

I congratulate you all. I congratulate all the fathers the metropolitans, the bishops, the priests, the deacons, and all the clergy, all the congregations, church boards, and committees. I
congratulate all servants. I congratulate all youth and all families everywhere in our churches who celebrate this feast in this time. I congratulate all children and young people. I pray that God grants us grace and sustenance this year. I convey to you greetings and love from the land of Egypt, the land of St. Mark the Apostle and Evangelist, who preached the faith of Christ to all of our country.

May you remain healthy this year and every year. I wish you all blessings from the Baby of the manager, to grant you joy, peace, and hope always.

And all glory and honor be to God from now and forever. Amen.

باسم االب واالبن والروح القدس االله الواحد. امين.
تحل علينا نعمته وبركته من االن والى االبد. امين.
كل سنة وحضراتكم طيبين بهذا العام الجديد 2017 وبعيد الميالد المجيد حسب التقويم الشرقي في يوم 7 يناير من كل عام ، 29
كيهك من السنة القبطية. الحقيقةة ان كنةا نحت ةل بمةيالد بنةا يسةوي المسةيا الةذر اتةى ب ةرح الةى العةالم لكننةا نتةذكر ابنا نةا وبناتنةا
ء الذين قدموا حياتهم في حادث البطرسةية مةرارا الشهدا . ا اد السةيد المسةيا ان يعيةدوا لةذا العيةد ولةذا العةام الجديةد فةي السةماء
معه. نحن نذكرلم بالخير. ونصلي من اجل ابناءنا المصابين والجرحى لكي ما يتمم المسيا شة ا هم وينعمةوا بكةل ةحة وعافيةة
ونرالم معنا على الدوام.
في عيد الميالد المجيد تتزاحم التأمالت. ومنذ ان الق هللا االنسان وتوجه على مملكة العالم ممثلة في ةو ددم وحةواء ، عةا
االنسان على األ ض واتسع عدد البشر. وظهرت وازدادت ال ضا ل اإلنسانية التي يعيش بها االنسان. فظهرت فضا ل التعةاون
والمحبة والوفاء وايضا ات اإلنسانية. وفي مسير االنسان على األ ض وحياتةه مةم امتةداد الخطيةة وتهلهلهةا ظهرت بعض الضع
في حيا البشر وظهو الخطايا والضع ات والصراعات والعنف فةي العةالم ، تناسةى االنسةان فةي حياتةه فضةيلة مةن الةم فضةا ل
الحيا اإلنسانية ولي فضيلة التطلع الى السماء. والعجيةب ان كةل البشةر يشةالدون السةماء فةي كةل مكةان. وال يوجةد انسةان علةى
وجه األ ض لم يرى السماء. ولكن االعجب ان موقف االنسان يختلف من شخص الى اار. البعض ال يهتم والبعض احيانا يلجةأ
الى السماء والبعض االار احيانا يحتمي بالسماء. ولناك قطاعات كبير مةن البشةر تتناسةى السةماء وايضةا لنةاك مةن البشةر مةن
يتطلع الى السماء على الدوام.
في قصة ميالد بنا يسوي المسيا نجةد لةذا ال ضةيلة اإلنسةانية الراقيةة وايةحة فةي حيةا الكثيةرين. فةي حيةا امنةا العةذ اء مةريم
ِدمت حياتها في الهيكل و ةا ت تعةيش مسةبحة ومصةلية. عنةد ظهةو المةالك
نجدلا كانت تتطلع الى السماء على الدوام عندما قُ
بالبشا السعيد اليها نرالا في نهاية الحوا مع المالك تقول له: "لوذا انةا امةة الةرب لةيكن لةي كقولةك" )لوقةا 1 :38 .)وتظهةر
لذا ال ضيلة في لذا الطاعة المشتملة باالتضاي. ايضا في حيا الرعا البسطاء الذين كةانوا يحرسةون حراسةات الليةل نةرالم فةي
بساطة يتطلعون الى السماء على الدوام ولم في ساعات الليل. ويشالدوا المالك الذر يبشرلم ب رح عظيم يكةون لجميةع الشةعب.
فيذلبوا ليروا الصبي المقمط باقمطة في المذود.
لكذا المجوس كانت ناعتهم ال لك. ينظرون الى السماء على الدوام يشالدون النجوم ، يبحثون عن نجةم اسةمى كمةا تعلمةوا فةي
كتبهم . وعندما اوا لذا النجم ، تبينوا ان ب الحقيقة قد جاء الى العالم. وتطلعوا الةى السةماء الةى لةذا الةنجم فسةا وا فةي حلةة
طويلة من بالد المشرق حتى بيت لحم . والنجم ا شدلم ووقف معهم واظهر لهم اين لو المولود ملك اليهود.
لكذا سمعان الشيخ ، ذلك الرجل الذر تعدى عمرا الثالث ما ة عام . فقد اتت امنا العذ اء مريم والقديس يوسةف النجةا ليصةنعا
بالصبي يسوي حسب عاد الناموس. فحمله سمعان علةى ز اعيةه. وقةد كةان واحةد مةن الةذين قةاموا بترجمةة الكتةاب المقةدس فةي
العهد القديم من اللهة العبرانية الى اللهة اليونانية. فقال لذا القولة الشهير : "االن يا سةيدر تطلةق عبةدك بسةالم حسةب قولةك الن
عيني قد ابصرتا اال ك." )لوقا 2 :30.)
ايضا لناك مثل دار ، حنةة النبيةة. تلةك اال ملةة التةي عاشةت فةي الةزواو سةبع سةنوات مةم ترملةت 84 سةنة ، بقيةت موجةود فةي
الهيكل تسبا وتصلي ليال ونها ا ولي مرفوعة العينين نحو السماء.

لذا نماذو وعينات من قصة احداث الميالد. تطلعوا الى السماء. ولكن بما يكون السرال االن: ما قيمة التطلع الى السماء؟
التطلع الى السماء بال شك له فا د كبير في حيا االنسان.
اوال ليقة. ويتطلع الى مصد وجةودا : االنسان الذر يتطلع الى السماء لو يتطلع الى الخالق األعظم االق لذا المسكونة ولذا الخ
في السماء.
الى مستقر دارته ايضا
، االنسان مصد وجودا السماء. ويتطلع ايضا
: ان الذر يتطلع الى السماء لو يتطلع الى النةو . لسةت اقصةد النةو المةادر مثةل الشةمس او النجةوم. لكةن يتطلةع الةى النةو
نسان عندما يملك قلبا مستنيرا المعنور او الرمزر ولو نو القلب. فاال ويعيش في االستنا يستطيع ان يما س حياته بنجاح.
: ايضا التطلع الى السماء لو التطلع الى حيا السالم الدا م. مكتوب "طوبى لصةانعي السةالم النهةم ابنةاء هللا يةدعون". فالةذر
يأاذ السالم من ملك السالم. و
يتطلع الى السماء دا ما للسالم في كل مكان. لةو
لذا السالم يستقر في قلبه. فيصير االنسان انعا
ينال لذا الص ة. االنسان الذر ينظةر الةى األ ض دا مةا لةو يسةعى الةى العنةف ويسةعى الةى الحةرب ويسةعى الةى الصةراي والةى
: ايضا الذر يتطلع الى السماء لو يتطلع الى ال رح الدا م. افراح ا
ابعا لسماء لةي افةراح مجيةد ودا مةة ومسةتمر وال تعقبهةا ار
مرا . افراح األ ض تبدوا انها مبهجةة لكةن الةى حةين والةى وقةت قليةل. واالبةا تةاتي افةراح األ ض بعةدلا شةيء مةن المةرا .
ولذلك ينسالا االنسان. الذر يستمد فرحه من السماء ويتطلع الى السماء دا ما يعيش في لذا ال رح.
: بمةا مةن الةم ال وا ةد التةي يكتسةبها االنسةان مةن تطلعةه الةى السةماء لةو ةحبة القديسةين. السةماء لةي مسةكن القديسةين
واالبرا والصديقين والذين عاشوا في القداسةة. نحةن نتشةوق لهةرالء الةذين عاشةوا فةي القداسةة و نتةذكر كةل القديسةين الةذين فةي
السماء وكل الذين نتش ع بهم . لذا الش اعة تحمسنا وتح زنا فنزداد حنينا وشوقا للسماء.
التطلع الى السماء لي فضيلة حياتية يمكن ان تهير حيا االنسةان علةى الةدوام. مةن األمةو الجميلةة اننةا نحيةا فةي عةام جديةد عةام
2017 .و قم 7 باللهة العربية يظهر مثل االيادر المرفوعة للسماء. كأن االنسان يرفع يديه نحو السماء متطلعا يطلب السماء.
وإذا وجدت السماء في حيا االنسان ا ت حياته ناجحة. نحن نصلي على الدوام في اليوم مرات كثير ونقول "كما في السةماء
كذلك على األ ض".
انا النئكم جميعا. النيء كل اإلباء المطا نة واألساق ة والكهنة والشمامسة وكل االكليروس. كل الشعب ولجان الكنا س ومجالس
الكنا س. والنيء قطاعات الخةدام والخادمةات. والنةيء كةل الشةباب والشةابات وكةل االسةر الموجةود فةي كةل مكةان فةي كنا سةنا
والذين يحت لون بالعيد في لذا التوقيت. بالنيء كل األط ال والصها . وا لي ان يعطينا هللا لذا العام النعمة والمعونة.
وانقل اليكم التحية والمحبة من ا ض مصر ومن ا ض القديس ما مرقس الرسول الكا وز الذر كرز بالدنةا وبشةرلا بااليمةان
بالمسيا. كل سنة وحضراتكم جميعا بخير اجيا لكم كل حة وكةل بركةة مةن وليةد المةذود ان يمةنحكم ال ةرح والسةالم والرجةاء
على الدوام. اللهنا كل مجد وكرامة من االن والى االبد امين.
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